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current projects

untitled (2021-2022) 50 minutes ~
guitars, basses, electronics
chorus (2019) 46 minutes ~
instruments, electronics
untitled (2019) 46 minutes ~
twelve voices (2016-17) 1 hour 8 minutes ~
12 male voices
1-64 60 minutes ~
instrumentation variable
unique pieces (2012-) duration variable ~
instrumentation variable
a number of unique vinyl records
on-going series


2 February 2023, The Parish News, Resonance Extra
[broadcast] five strings IV (2023)
Ian Vine five strings, [IV2301]
The Parish News
28 February 2023, Between Two Points, Richard Chartier, Dublab
[broadcast] five strings III (2023)
Ian Vine five strings, [IV2301]
Between Two Points
4 March 2023, The Asynchronous Drone Orchestra, CAMP Radio
[broadcast] unison piece for the asynchronous drone orchestra (2023)
CAMP Radio
18 March 2023, The Institute of Spectra-Sonic Sound, KEPW 97.3FM
[broadcast] five strings V (2023)
Ian Vine five strings, [IV2301]
The Institute of Spectra-Sonic Sound